Video: In the Woods with Amir Kabbani

Mountain biker Amir Kabbani rides his home circuits in Germany in this new film from Peoplegrapher
By Team

German filmmakers Peoplegrapher and MTB freerider Amir Kabbani joined forces recently to film Amir out on his bike in Boppard, Germany, for the "In the Woods" bike flick.

In the Woods captures the heart-in-mouth riding of Amir set against the beauty of the natural surroundings of Boppard bike park.

Amir was well at home at Boppard as this is where he trains and rides a lot. He spent the winter building a circuit at the bike park that best showed off his talents and stunt skills but also showcased the amazing beauty of Boppard.

Director Lukas Tielke and the Peoplegrapher crew capture Amir at work as he rides the Boppard circuit with some impressive super slow-motion and high-speed camera shots.

Amir takes a break from filming
Amir close up © Danie Roos/
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