Result & VOD: SRAM Dual Speed & Style

Watch full coverage from the first Crankworx Les 2 Alpes event as video on demand after Zink wins
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The top riders were Cam Zink in first place, Belgium’s Nico Vink in second and France’s Tomas Lemoine in third place. 

American slopestyle star Zink defeated Vink in the final, consistently boosting huge airs and linking clean lines through the winding dual course at Crankworx Les 2 Alpes. 

Zink out tricked Vink on both booters, pulling his spectacular signature trick, the “backflip nac-nac”, on the second jump; a 20 foot step-up that brought the riders into the finish corral. 

“This event was the perfect mix of what mountain biking should be,” Zink said. “Racing, tricks and hanging it all out!”

SRAM Dual Speed and Style – full results  
Final: Cam Zink defeated Nico Vink
Third place: Tomas Lemoine d Quentin Derbier
Semi finals: Vink d Lemoine, Zink d Derbier
Last eight: 
Heat 1 Lemoine d Iago Garay
Heat 2 Vink d Tyler McCaul
Heat 3 Derbier d Sam Reynolds
Heat 4 Zink d Kyle Strait
First round:
Heat 1 Lemoine d Michael Hannah
Heat 2 Iago d Bernard Kerr
Heat 3 McCaul d Kamil Tatarkovic
Heat 4 Vink d Maxime Peythieu
Heat 5 Reynolds d Alexis Le Goff
Heat 6 Derbier d Louis Reboul
Heat 7 Zink d Fabien Cousinie
Heat 8 Strait d Kevin Mayer

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