Bruno takes the street title at the BMX Worlds

Bruno Hoffmann followed his medal-winning performance at the X-Games with another fine showing
Bruno Hoffmann shows off his prize at the BMX World Masters.
Bruno holds aloft the title © George Marshall
By George Marshall

We caught up with Bruno Hoffmann fresh from his title-winning rides in the street competition at the BMX World Masters in Cologne.

How does it feel to be crowned world champion?
It's cool but it didn't feel that special because the whole of Sunday got rained off and I was just chilling with my friends ready to go home.

Does it feel extra special to win on home soil?
Not really, but I guess more people started talking to me afterwards because they were German too. It was definitely cool to just hop in a car and be home in 45 minutes, instead of having to take a plane.

Bruno Hoffmann nails an uprail to hard way 360 at the BMX World Masters.
Uprail to hard way 360 © George Marshall

Did you worry that the contest wouldn't happen?
I did worry that they would postpone it to Sunday, which would have sucked because a lot of friends came over to party on Saturday night. I was pretty happy that they got it done so I could party with them.

I saw a few riders using the transition elements of the course to do park-inspired tricks such as flairs and superman seat grabs. How do you think that style of riding should be judged in a street event?
I don´t really know. It was definitely special to see 360 flip flyouts and superman seat grabs during a street contest. But by the end it seemed like it was actual street-inspired tricks that they wanted to see. I guess the crowd loves all the flips and high stuff, but you can’t please everyone. But who cares, I didn´t judge.

Bruno heads for victory at the BMX World Masters.
Toothy hanger down the rail © George Marshall

You recently came back from the X-Games in China with a bronze medal in street. How does winning at the BMX Worlds compare?
The Worlds were definitely more relaxed and laid-back for obvious reasons. Also, it was cool to have a lot of my friends here to ride and party with. Both contests were fun in their own way.

Bruno busts out the moves at the BMX World Masters.
Icepick down the rail © George Marshall
Bruno Hoffmann at the BMX World Masters in Cologne.
Bruno awaits his turn © George Marshall
Bruno Hoffmann
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