RideAble Project: Being kind to the environment

The Alpine setting of the Zillertal trail poses many challenges for the course builders

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The RideAble Project is keen to make sure that the construction of the trail observes local environmental regulations and ensure there is little damage to the Zillertal forest as possible.

To make sure they do, the local authority commissioned Klaus Zvirner from TASC Engineering to work closely with the RideAble Project on the build of the trail, before and during the construction.

In this third episode of the RideAble Project, MTB-Freeride.tv follows Klaus on his weekly inspection on the trail site as he makes sure the track is being constructed correctly with those local environmental regulations in mind.

Klaus advises the Project team on what has to be done and what needs to be improved, something which the Project members find very useful.

Being so involved in the construction of the track over a number of months, Klaus muses he may be tempted to get out on the trail with his own mountain bike when it is finally open to the public.

Later, trail builder Till reveals that part of the track has had drainage problems that could have made that area of the trail unrideable in wet conditions. Thankfully a solution is found that suits everyone as well as fulfilling those all-important environmental regulations.

Look out for further episodes of the RideAble Project in the next few weeks. If you missed the first two episodes of the RideAble Project, you can view them on our video series page.