Wizard of Aus: Behind the wheel and in the saddle

Corey gets tips from Ryan Gosling's stunt double in Drive and hits Prague for a BMX Dirt contest
By RedBull.com Team

In the latest episode of Wizard of Aus, Corey gets a quick tutorial on the secrets of stunt-driving from Ryan Gosling's double, Jeremy Fry, in Drive.

Then it's off to Prague where the Australian rider gets a taste of the city's nightlife and rides with the locals at their trails ahead of the BMX Dirt contest, Dirt and Roll.

Wizard of Aus is an exclusive video series which follows Corey Bohan as he travels the world with his friends and rides in his sport's top competitions.

Stay tuned for the next episode in two weeks when Corey takes on Dirt and Roll, the BMX dirt-jumping contest in Prague.

Corey Bohan
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