Results and Highlights: iXS EDC Spicak 2012

Miriam Ruchti and Johann Potgieter were the winners at Špičák, we bring you the thrills and spills

© Thomas Dietze

Check out the highlights from Špičák in our video above. South Africa’s Johann Potgieter (Canfield Factory Team) won the men’s race and Switzerland’s Miriam Ruchti (SC-Intense) was the fastest in the women's category.

Both topped the seeding runs on Saturday and repeated the performance on Sunday in the competition run.

In the men's event, Johannes Fischbach (GER - Ghost Factory Team) and Robin Wallner (SWE - Team Åre Bikepark) recorded the second and third fastest times on their Sunday runs thus repeating their seeding run performances of the day before.

In the women’s race, Zarja Cernilogar (SLO - Crn trn GT) finished second to Miriam with Simona Jirkova (CZE - finishing third.


Men's Elite Results

1 POTGIETER Johann 3:02.678
2 FISCHBACH Johannes 3:03.142
3 WALLNER Robin Team 3:04.355
4 VAGNER Adam 3:04.652
5 PEKOLL Markus 3:04.847

Women's Elite Results

1 RUCHTI Miriam 3:34.694
2 CERNILOGAR Zarja 3:37.443
3 JIRKOVÁ Simona 3:43.842
4 RABEDER Elke 3:44.758
5 BÁRTOVÁ Jana 3:46.567

The full results from Špičák can be found on the official site of the iXS European Downhill Cup.

Johann Potgieter celebrates his win at the Spicak round of the European Downhill Cup
Johann Potgieter celebrates EDC Spicak 2012 win© Thomas Dietze