Red Bull Weavers

A dual slalom downhill race like no other on a course cut out of shoulder-high wheat crop
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On August 20, 70 of the UK’s top amateur and professional mountain bikers took part in Red Bull Weavers.

This unique contest saw the riders compete against each other in a dual slalom downhill bike race with a difference. The downhill course was cut into a crop field that contained shoulder high wheat crop.

The riders also had to content with steep declines, blind corners and tight-lines.

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An unusual ride
Competitors were brought to Highchurch Farm, the venue for Red Bull Weavers, by tractor.
An unusual ride Competitors are brought to Highchurch Farm, the venue of Red Bull Weavers, by tractor. It will rank as one of the most unusual forms of transfer transport for these group of riders. © Bull Content Pool
Get, ready, set, go
Kye Forte and a fellow participant get ready for the start of Red Bull Weavers
Get, ready, set, go Red Bull's Kye Forte and a fellow participant get ready to race. © Bull Content Pool
Dual action
Participants race during Red Bull Weavers
Dual action Finding the best line through the crop was critical to gaining distance on a competitor. © Bull Content Pool
Busting a gut
Kye Forte and a participant compete during Red Bull Weaver
Busting a gut Kye Forte puts in the maximum effort to make sure he has an advantage over his fellow dual slalom racer. © Bull Content Pool
Field of dreams
An overview of the type of course that met challengers at Red Bull Weavers
Field of dreams Twelve custom made 29” rides were specifically created for the event. © Bull Content Pool
No easy task
A rider finds the going tough as he comes off his bike
No easy task A bike goes flying as a rider finds it tough going out on the course. © Bull Content Pool
Speed and finesse
Kye Forte turns on the speed as he powers past a fellow competitor on the dual slalom course
Speed and finesse Kye Forte uses the power in his legs to generate more speed. Riders were able to reach speeds of up to 30mph as they cut through the wheat. © Ben Dean/Red Bull Content Pool
Fields of Gold
Kye Forte and another rider race through fields of corn at Weavers 2012 in Somerset
Fields of Gold Kye Forte chasing the prize. © Ben Dean 2012
Pick your path
Competitor is racing waist high in the corn at Weavers 2012
Pick your path Dual Slalom tests riders skill and precision. © Ben Dean 2012
Weavers Winners
winners take to the podium at bmx dirt weavers 2012
Weavers Winners Lewis Lacey, Josh Bryceland and Dave Wardell take to the podium. © Ben Dean 2012
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