Suzuki Nine Knights: the highlights

Check out this epic clip from Suzuki Nine Knights for a combination of great visuals and riding.
By Amah-Rose Abrams

Suzuki Nine Knights, is held in Neukirchen, Austria and brings together the best riders and the best filmmakers and photographers in the industry for a mtb freeride love-in of epic proportions.

Created by Andi Wittman the event is arranged by pro-riders and freeride enthusiasts and the course is painstakingly built with the aim of maximizing the potential for great tricks and great shots.

Martin Söderström took the prize of best line with Yannick Granieri getting best trick on contest day. The coveted King of Big Air title went to Kurt Sorge and Andi Wittman.

Results overview

•Ruler of the week: Anthon Thelander (SWE)
•Trick of the week: Shervy Pasamonte (SPA/INSANE SUPERMAN)
•Best Trick on contest day: Yannick Graniere (FRA/BIG FLIP DOUBLEWHIP)
•Best Line contest day: Martin Söderström (SWE)
•Highest Hip Air: Kurt Sorge (CAN), Andi Wittmann (GER)
•Best Whip: Louis Reboul (FRA)
•Contour Relay Race: Kurt Sorge (CAN), Pierre Edouard Ferry (FRA)


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