Andreu Lacondeguy talks Where The Trail Ends

The Spanish freerider chats about the movie which will ‘change everything about the sport’
Andreu Lacondeguy rides during the filming of Where the Trail Ends in Utah, USA
Lacondeguy kicks up some dust © Blake Jorgenson/Red Bull Content Pool
By Glen Ferris

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How did you get involved with the project?
The guys at Freeride Entertainment asked me if I’d want to go and do some filming down in Argentina and I was like, ‘Of course’. Why would I turn down an opportunity to go and ride in such an amazing place like that?

Were there any locations you wanted to film at but missed out on?
I was supposed to go to China and Nepal but I was injured so I couldn’t go there. I crashed on both trips I did. In Argentina, I dislocated my shoulder crashing on this big downhill line. Then in Utah, I tried a trick on a jump but I never hit it and I knocked myself out for like 30 minutes.

Has that scared you off coming back for more if there’s a sequel?
No man, there are so many lines I still want to ride and I’ve got to make up for China and Nepal and all the other places that I missed. Hopefully if we do it again I won’t crash so much and miss out again.

Lacondeguy heads off a big air at the drop during the filming of Where the Trail Ends in Cafayate, Salta, Argentina
A view to a thrill © John Wellburn/Red Bull Content Pool

This film sees you all riding some really hostile terrain. Do you think you could outdo yourselves if you came back for more?
We did ride in a lot of remote places but there are so many more places still to explore. The zones we were riding in were big but not so big that you couldn’t reach the other side in twenty hours. There are way bigger places we can go to get really lost. I really want to go back to Argentina and explore more because we had some problems with helicopter permits - we only really scratched the surface. I really think we’re about to witness a film that will change everything about our sport.

Do you really think it will have that much of an impact?
Oh for sure. I think some of the footage will really be a game changer. At the moment, BMX is getting the attention but Where The Trail Ends is something different and it’s going to blow everybody’s mind.

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Andreu Lacondeguy crosses a river during the filming of Where the Trail Ends in Cafayate, Salta, Argentina
Wet and wild © John Wellburn/Red Bull Content Pool
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