Top moments from Where The Trail Ends

Where The Trail Ends director Jeremy Grant picks some favourite moments from his ace freeride film
Garrett Buehler gets close to the edge during filming in Nepal
Garrett Buehler's day on © Blake Jorgenson/Red Bull Content Pool
By Glen Ferris

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As Where The Trail Ends is released to buy on DVD and from iTunes, we draw director Jeremy Grant on his standout moments from this outstanding film.

Favourite Rider

It was difficult choosing riders for the film just because they had to not only be unbelievable riders but they also had to be up for the challenge of trekking over the world. They also had to be unique characters who would come across well on camera. Darren [Berrecloth] though was a real no-brainer. He’s just such a talented guy and he’s such a great character in front of the camera.

Most Memorable On-Set Moment

There are so many, but there was a moment with Andreu [Lacondeguy] that really impressed me. He tried to do this trick so many times and he just couldn’t pull it off. At one point he didn’t land it and knocked himself out for 30 minutes, he wanted to carry on and we had to insist that he got some medical attention. His ability to perform in front of the camera and trust what we were doing was just incredible.

Kurt Sorge comes up when the sun goes down in Nepal
Nepal or nothing © Blake Jorgenson/Red Bull Content Pool

Best Destination

I’d have to say Nepal. To achieve what we did there with the little we had was amazing. After all that hiking and camping after filming throughout the day, you really start to appreciate what you have at home. Food never tasted so good when we got back. You really miss your home comforts when they’re not around.

Top Scene

It’s difficult to choose one particular moment but I guess the sequence – and I don’t want to give away too much to the people who haven’t seen it – in Utah where Darren is trying to land a trick and he just can’t get it. He’d try and then dust himself off and keep trying. In a lot of action sports films, the tricks that don’t come off don’t usually make the cut. We made sure all of those parts were in the film. We really wanted people to see how that, even at the level these guys are at, nothing’s ever perfect. But even so they just keep pushing themselves and you’ve got to respect that.

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The crew set up their mobile edit suite during filming of Where The Trail Ends in Nepal
Have gear, will travel © Blake Jorgenson/Red Bull Content Pool
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