Todtnau GoPro Course Check with Robin Wallner

Championship leader Robin Wallner gives us a tour of the final iXS EDC course of the year at Todtnau
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The Team Are Bike Park ace goes for a ride in the woods with the European Downhill Cup winding up in the Black Forest!

After a steep downhill section, the riders' eyes straining to see in the reduced light of the wood, comes a pedalling section and then more downhill acceleration as Wallner and the rest have to watch out for tree roots.

A series of jumps and a wall ride means there's plenty of variety, with multiple line choices, while slippery rocks dotted around a rapid end mean you have to be careful not to wipe out on the last corner!

Seeding for Sunday's finals takes place on Saturday. Check for the latest results from the riders...

Robin Wallner at iXS EDC Todtnau
Robin Wallner at iXS EDC Todtnau © Thomas Dietze
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