Red Bull Stateside: LA to San Diego

Jaden Leeming and the Bolter brothers take a trip to the US as they look to learn Stateside style
By team

Jaden Leeming and the Bolter boys, George and Louis, are New Zealand's finest exponents of BMX Park. 

They are leaving the home comforts of New Zealand in search of the best spots to ride Stateside in what is Jaden’s first trip outside Oceania.

The boys are keen to move their riding on and try out some of the legendary BMX parks that they've only seen on video and heard about from other riders.

In this first clip of Red Bull Stateside, the lads start their journey in Los Angles and travel on through to San Diego.

There is a familiar face to greet them in LA in the form of Anthony Neopolitan. Anthony shows them the sort of riding they should expect to see in the US with a trip to LA's Volcom skatepark Park and it leaves George mighty impressed.

"That's the difference between riding in NZ and here in the US, this place has some big transitions which everybody is used to riding, once you get them dialed it's cool, but the there is nothing like this in NZ."

From there, the crew move down to the all-wood Claremont skatepark in San Diego. The boys had a good session of riding with locals Gary Young and Steve Woodward. Gary and Steve simply blew the minds of their visitors from New Zealand with some lines and tricks that were out of this world.

The boys move on to Las Vegas for the Interbike convention and the infamous Nora Cup in the next clip of Red Bull Stateside.


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