Red Bull Rampage: Preview Clip

Vintage footage and interviews. Red Bull Rampage is back and live on Red Bull TV October 7, 9pm CEST
By Amah-Rose Abrams

Red Bull Rampage is a legendary stop on the FMB World Tour as the mountains of Utah are not only breathtakingly beautiful but they also hold a unique type of terrain which produces a unique and sometimes awe inspiring type of mountain biking.

The course is set on a near vertical ridge down which the riders pick their own line, victory is there for the taking if you can make it down the mountainside in one piece.

This clip shows interviews with Andreu Lacondeguy and Darren Berrecloth as they speak to us ahead of the competition. There is also some amazing footage from past years to whet your appetite, plus a clip from the epic ‘Where the Trail Ends’.

The terrain is pretty variable. The fact that the soil is so soft but at the same time you can land in it and you can ride away makes it very unique

Rampage draws the best freeriders and downhill riders in the mountain biking world and it’s clear to see why. Despite your heart being in your mouth as you watch the riders almost freefalling down the cliff face, the excitement is palpable.

Following its inception in 2001 the competition has grown in reputation and is now the last Diamond stop on the FMB World Tour. The concept was originally birthed in order to service the needs of a small number of riders and celebrated the freeride ethos, not making a distinction between what we now think of as different disciplines within the sport. Hence over the years the competition has become seen as a leveller.

Riding this year will be, amongst others Cam McCaul, Gee Atherton, Darren Berrecloth, Brandon Semenuk, Martin Söderström, Yannick Granieri and Anthony Messere.

Competitor and Red Bull rider Andreu Lacondeguy says, “ It’s like snowboarding on your bike,” adding that, "Rampage is the only real contest.”

Berrecloth praises the individuality of the course, “The terrain is pretty variable. The fact that the soil is so soft but at the same time you can land in it and you can ride away makes it very unique.”

Man made enhancements only came to the course when the event restarted in 2008 after a 4 year hiatus and today there are jumps and platforms on the way down the course but the main objective is finding the best line down the raw mountainside.

Check out the top five moments from the competition featuring Tyler Klassen from 2002, Cedric Garcia from 2003 and Gee Atherton in 2010 and the top five crashes featuring Josh Bender, Lance Canfield, Wade Simmons, Garrett Buehler and Cam McCaul as the riders put their wits against this awesome course.

If you're still hungry for more video action then check out this link to satisfy your appetite.

Red Bull Rampage is live here at 9pm CEST on Sunday October 7

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