Matthias Dandois talks Flatland

Ryszard Syryczyński catches up with Matthias Dandois on the sidelines of Vans Rebel Jam
Matthias Dandois relaxes prior to competing at Rebel Jam 2012
Matthias Dandois at Rebel Jam 2012 © Bartek
By Ryszard Syryczyński

Matthias Dandois is competing in the Flatland contest at Vans Rebel Jam this weekend. He took some time out from practice to talk to Ryszard Syryczyński about the event, the beautiful beach location for the Flatland competition and his move into riding BMX Street.

Hi Mathias (Dandois)! We're here at Rebel Jam 2012 in Spain right now. How do you like it this year?

The location (Tossa De Mar) is sick. When I arrived this morning and saw the beach and everything, I was like "wow". I didn't expect that. I left Paris and it was raining and cold. I got here and it is sunny. I'm really psyched to be here!

How about other flatland riders? Who's coming?

Lots of riders made the trip here due to the success of last year's Rebel Jam in Eindhoven. Some of the best riders are here. Dominik Nekolny from Czech Republic, Adam Kun from Hungary and lots of guys from France and Germany. Viki (Gomez) is here as well. It will be dope! The level of riding is going to be really high, even higher that the last year's.

How do you like the location of this year's Flatland area?

Last year, the Flatland competition was indoors because the organisers were not sure about the weather in Eindhoven but this year we're in Spain and the weather is expected to be very good and we ride on the beach. Riding on the beach is going to be so amazing! I've never been on such a surface like that before.

From time to time you've posted new video showing you taking part in Street as well as Flatland. What's the idea behind riding Street? Why did you start riding it? Are you going to compete in the Street competition here at Rebel Jam?

I started riding Street like a year and a half ago as I was hanging out more and more with street riders. They inspired me, I tried some stuff and got into it. I now ride Street and Flatland for equal amounts of my time. I got into it because I like it. It's so much like riding Flatland and in the end Street is like you're mixing both. I'm going try to ride Street here but not the Rebel Jam contest because the level is too high.

How does it feel to practice riding Flatland? If you're a Flatland rider, do you mostly ride alone or with your friends? Do you have any routine?

I don't know. It depends on the day. Sometimes you want to just focus on learning new tricks. I like riding by myself because you're fully focused – it's just you and the music. But sometimes when friends are with you and you can have a jam session together and that is good as well.

There were a lot of events for you this year. Is there anything else coming up this year?

Oh yeah, obviously Rebel Jam and then on Monday, I'm going to the US to Austin for Texas for Texas Toased. Then there's going to be a G-Shock contest in Japan and then the last stop of World Cup in Germany. Still a lot to do but that's what I like!

Are you doing anything with Red Bull Skylines in Paris?

I'm going be there taking care of riders because I'm from Paris so I know spots to go to and the city itself. Maybe I'll do a show for the event.


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