A leap of faith for Garett Buehler

Garett Buehler on what it takes to master the challenges of Red Bull Rampage
By RedBull.com team

While completely stoked to be invited to compete in Red Bull Rampage again, Garett Buehler by his own admission is nervous about taking part in the 2012 version of the iconic event.

In 2010, Garett had a pretty big crash out at the Oakley Icon Sender (watch that crash here) and is mindful of paying the Utah mountains the respect they deserve.

The practice runs for this year's Red Bull Rampage have so far been treated as a learning curve. Garett's getting to know what his limits are, what he likes to ride and the lines he should take. No more throwing caution to the wind and just going for it!

For Garett, to ride successfully at Red Bull Rampage, a rider must always be on it, physically and mentally.

He knows that he’ll just have to go out there and “man up” to the challenge that Rampage provides when the competition starts for real.

The finals of Red Bull Rampage takes place on October 7. You can watch it here live from 9pm CET this Sunday.

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