Street isn't the limit for Dakota Roche

Dakota Roche talks to Ryszard Syryczyński about Vans Rebel Jam and his entry into the Dirt contest
Dakota Roche takes time out from competing at Rebel Jam 2012
Dakota Roche at Rebel Jam 2012 © Bartek Wolinski
By Ryszard Syryczyński

Dakota Roche is mainly known for his BMX Street expertise but he is competiting in the Street and Dirt contests at Vans Rebel Jam. In this interview with Ryszard Syryczyński prior to the Street contest, Dakota explains that he is by no means a stranger to riding dirt jump contests.

Is it your first time competing here in Spain?

It's my first time at Tossa De Mar but I've been to Barcelona before. I've never been this far on the north of the coast and it's beautiful.

What's your impressions about the street course here?

I decided not to ride Park this year, I'm just going to ride Street and Dirt. The Street course is pretty basic, just stairs, rail and ledges. Crazy stuff is gonna definitely go down on it though.

What about the location of this year's Rebel Jam? How do you like it?

This is by far the most beautiful place I've ever been to for a contest, hands down. I mean, Flatland on actual beach. The Street course is just up from the beach, everything within walking distance. It's gorgeous here.

We know you ride in Barcelona a lot. What's so special about it, for you as a street rider?

Barcelona is just basically endless for street riding. There are spots everywhere, you're always passing new spots, you don't even need a tour guide. Anything you want is there. There's still plenty of spots that are left to be ridden and discovered.

Have you seen some riders out on the street course prior to the contest?

Everyone's kind a just been warming up, riding the street course. Bruno (Hoffman) was killing it. I think people were just getting used to ride right now so I sure the actual contest will be crazy.

Most of the people know you as a core street rider. What about dirt? Are your riding it at home?

I basically grew up riding Dirt. That's what I did for five years before I even messed about with Street. It's always good to be able to come to a contest and have an option to ride Dirt. I rode some dirt jumps in practice here and found out that they were pretty fun so I end up entering Dirt.

It's pretty much end of the season. Do you have anything left this year?

October is really hectic. This is probably the most hectic month of the year for me so far. Next weekend there's Texas Toast Jam in Austin, Texas, and then the weekend after that is the Dew Tour in San Francisco. I'm trying make it though all that and stay healthy and enjoy it.

Do you prefer a contest like the Dew Tour, with TV, lots of people and big money or chill events, mostly for riders, with friends etc. like Rebel Jam?

I definitely prefer more chill contest over more stressful ones like X-Games and Dew Tour. Those are good, don't get me wrong. It's nice to go somewhere and pull a lot of thought in what you're going to do on the course and all that. But contests like Rebel Jam are more like good times with your friends, just like you’d ride in sessions. The vibe is a lot more positive.

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