Rampage: The winner's interviews

Check out these interviews with the top three Kurt Sorge, Antoine Bizet and Logan Binggeli
Kurt Sorge, Antoine Bizet and Logan Binggeli at on the podium at Red Bull Rampage
Celebrating the win © Red Bull Content Pool
By Amah-Rose Abrams

Spectators, judges and competitors alike noted the high standard of riding at Rampage this year and the top three really pulled out the stops to get on that podium.

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Kurt Sorge nailed two fantastic runs to grab first place a huge 14 points above Antoine Bizet who came in second. Catch him fresh from the podium as the win sinks in.

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It was Antoine Bizet’s first Rampage and he came in Second! What a legend, the Frenchman can barely believe it as he already gears up for next year.

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Local boy Logan Binggeli’s first mountain biking event was Rampage back in 2004 and now he’s made it to the podium and he is stoked.

Relive the Rampage on VOD and check out the official Rampage site for more information on this epic event.

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