Red Bull Skylines: A BMX ball at the Grand Palais

The world's top BMX Park riders show off their moves at Red Bull Skylines in Paris on November 2
By Alex Hazle

The big names, including Drew Bezanson and Daniel Dhers, will seek to impress a panel of six judges with a variety of tricks, flips and whips, all in front of a paying crowd of 5,000 hungry fans under the magnificent glazed roof of one of Paris’s iconic structures, the Grand Palais, situated between the French capital’s famous Avenue des Champs-Elysées and the River Seine.

Nate Wessel, the man responsible for the BMX Park set-up at X Games, has designed bowls, bumps and ramps that will transform the glittering venue into a unique course that will test the riders to their limits.

Watch the teaser video above with Drew Bezanson to get a sense of the event to come, and find out more about tickets and other info for the event at (French-language site).

Red Bull Skylines, Paris, November 2, 2012
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