Red Bull Rampage: the report

We look at the winner, losers, the near misses and the hits.
Antoine Bizet pulling off a backflip at Red Bull Rampage 2012
Bizet pulled it off and came in second © Ian Hymans/ Red Bull Content Pool
By Amah-Rose Abrams

The news is out, Kurt Sorge won Red Bull Rampage with Antoine Bizet in second place and local Logan Binggeli coming in third.

This year's competition was full of surprises as Darren Berrecloth, Brandon Semenuk and James Doerfling all bombed out trying for the big tricks leaving the competition wide open with Antoine Bizet taking second place on his first visit to Rampage and Sorge taking the title for the first time.

Starting from the highest gate in the event’s history the riders picked their line and took their chance as they pitted their wits against the mountainside watched by 2,000 spectators.

Binggeli in the air at Red Bull Rampage 2012
Binggeli brings it home © Ian Hymans/ Red Bull Content Pool

“The ride was gnarly but I am just glad I got it together for myself and for first place.”

Kurt Sorge pulled off a huge superman over a jump and a big back flip drop sealing the deal for first place as he managed to pull off these tricks and maintain a clean run, something that a lot of the other riders failed to do. This set him apart and gave him the astonishing fourteen-point lead, which set him way in front. Sorge seemed in shock that he had won and stated that “The ride was gnarly but I am just glad I got it together for myself and for first place.”

Frenchman Antoine Bizet, his first time at Rampage, pulled off a filled his run with tricks including a backflip near the top of the run, a risky move as most riders save the big tricks for the lower section. His first impression of Rampage was, “It was very scary but when you get your line you are so stoked.”

And it was local boy Logan Binggeli who took third. Binggeli has wanted to compete at Rampage since he attended the event in 2004 and this time he got himself on the podium and said he “ … Couldn’t be any happier and it’s my first on the podium here and I’m super stoked.”

Cam McCaul hitting the 60ft gap at Rampage 2012
Bridging that gap © Ian Hymans/ Red Bull Content Pool

Cam McCaul won the The Utah Sports Commission Best Trick Award for courageous backflip over a step down on his second run. “It feels amazing to win best trick, I thought I was going to crash and ruin the whole run I put together but last second I got the tires on ground. It was the bottom of the run and my hands were fatigued and almost fell off the handlebars with the impact. It’s so cool that they chose that.”

McCaul was also the only rider who braved the 60ft canyon gap that earned him a first place in qualifying, he took seventh place overall.

The other story of the weekend was the FMB World Tour title, which was hanging between Brandon Semenuk and Martin Söderström, after Semenuk who was leading overall crashed out on his run. Unfortunately for Söderström he could not ride out cleanly and top slot stayed with Semenuk who rode away with the title.

Relive the Ramapge on VOD and check out the official Rampage site for more information.

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