Video update & report from VANS Rebel Jam

The low down on what happened at Rebel Jam this weekend plus an awesome video update
© Bartek Wolinski
By Ryszard Syryczyński

Rebel Jam 2012 was held at the beautiful Spanish Eurocamp, close to Tossa De Mar. Riders from all over the world came to ride and chill with their friends. The weather was really good for the whole weekend. It was pretty warm and, what's more important for bike riding, completely windless. There was competition over four BMX categories.

Saturday evening was all about the flatland finals. Situated on a marvellous beach, with flares surrounding the arena and all the other riders watching, the contest had an amazing atmosphere. Twelve of the best international riders were spinning themselves hard for awards in three categories - style, creativity and hard tricks. Frenchman Matthias Dandois took the ‘Style’; Jesse Puente from USA ‘Creative’ and ‘Hard Trick’ went to Alexis Desolneux from France.

Matthias Dandois portrait at Rebel Jam at Tossa de Mar in Spain
Matthias Dandois © Bartek Woliński

Dirt finals were next up on Sunday . The whole dirt course was a mix of pump-track, trails and regular jumps, including big hip, small speed jump and a big jump. Judges were looking only at those last three obstacles. There were two award categories - style and hard trick.

One of the most stylish guys on dirt was Dan Foley. He did tricks like the one-foot euro-table and 360 table. Andy Buckworth was the only one who tried backflip on the hip, unfortunately landing sideways. Kye Forte was also a lot into style doing whips, nofoot cancans and his signature 360 tabletops. Dawid Godziek from Poland had the barspin on the lock; his runs were full of them, old school nohand to barspin on the hip, barspins on the speed jump and 360-suicide double barspin.

Rob Darden was one of the most impressive riders on the dirt, mostly because of his 450 on the hip. His signature 360 turndowns were a perfect addition. In the end, Daniel Sandoval carried off both the Hard Trick and style awards with tricks like: double downside whip on the hip, barspin to tailwhip on the hip or flatspin 360 tailwhip and front nohand on the last jump.

Up next was the street contest. The course was a pretty basic one but all the riders were able to unleash all of their best tricks. Crowd favourite, Diego Santos from Portugal pulled an uprail toothpick 180 over to fakie manual and an amazing 180 to crooked grind to 180 down the big rail on his way to third. Bruno Hoffman did many amazing combos, but also a few bangers like luc-e to hard 180 on big ledge. UK's Dan Lacey won the street contest with an uprail toothpick to over 360, backward doublepeg to nose bonk down the steep ledge and many other combos.

Mental Preparation
Sebastian Keep portrait © Bartek Wolinski

The last event at Rebel Jam was the skatepark contest on Monday. Kevin Peraza pulled the world’s first barspin to decade on the quarterpipe. Vince Byron did the biggest transfer flair ever seen at Rebel Jam, while Mark Webb did a crazy “scooter-looking-like” trick. This was something between a bikeflip and tailwhip.

France’s Kevin Kalkoff won the most stylish rider award. He was flowing around the whole skate park, making everything look so easy and effortless. But don't be fooled, his Ruben-wall to 180 down, from quarterpipe on the wall was one of the hardest tricks pulled at the competition.

Andy Buckworth won ‘hard trick’ award with his amazing run, which included so many big tricks, such as: 720 downside tailwhip, backflip handplant on the spine, double back flip on step-up, double backflip nohand on funbox and finally, a double backflip on the spine.

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