Rebel Jam: Matthias Dandois and Dan Lacey

Ryszard Syryczyński speaks to Matthias Dandois and Dan Lacey fresh from their wins at Rebel Jam.
Matthias Dandois at Rebel Jam in Tossa de Mar, Spain
Matthias Dandois © Bartek Woliński
By Ryszard Syryczyński

Matthias Dandois

Congrats on your great result at the Flatland contest. Is there any difference between different flatland events?

Yeah, you can tell yourself that this is the same flow all the time but it's not. Sometimes you got to ride on a concrete, sometimes you got to ride on wood sometimes it's slippery so you have to adapt your riding. And of course all contests are different. We rode on the beach yesterday sometimes we're riding in the middle of the city, in the mountains so it's changing all the time.

When we're speaking at the beginning of Rebel Jam, you were really excited about riding on the beach. How was it?

Yeah, I told you that I was really looking forward to ride on the beach and it was definitely fun. The setup was crazy with all those lights, all riders around watching, all my friends, who were here. It was amazing!

Can you pick some of other riders' highlights?

I'm really stoked for my friend Alex (Desolneux), who's a French legend of flatland BMX. He won the ‘hard trick’ award here, I'm really happy about it. Then Jesse Puente, who's from America. He has invented all the tricks he does so he won the ‘creativity’ award. Other really good riders were Dez Maarsen from Netherlands, Guelo Monzon from Spain it was amazing to ride with them!

What are your plans for the rest of the day?

Now it's time to party! I won the ‘style’ award for this year so I'm really stoked about it. I'm gonna party with my friends and tomorrow I'm going back to Paris for a day and then flight to America on Tuesday for another contest, another adventure!

Sounds great! One last question, do you think that the fact that you're riding not just flatland but also street, affects your flatland riding style?

I don't really know, maybe. I don't work on my style, I think it's something get when you’re born.


Dan Lacey portrait at Rebel Jam in Tossa de Mar
Dan Lacey © Bartek Woliński

Dan Lacey

Congrats for winning street contest. Is it your first time here? Do you like the Eurocamp place?

Yeah, it's my first time here at Eurocamp. I'd never expected such picturesque, beautiful place, you know? It's almost like a rain forest and there's a beach. So that's a really beautiful place and an amazing place to host a contest. You can't ask for more at the contest, beautiful weather, amazing scenery and good riding.

How do you like the street course?

Last year's course at Rebel Jam was really unique but this year is back to basics. They gave us a rail, two ledges, a flat ledge to grind and flat banks and couple of quarterpipes. So everyone's had to really think hard about what they wanted to do.

Can you point some other riders' highlights?

Highlight of course would be my boy Bruno (Hoffman), AK (Alex Kennedy), Diogo, who placed 3rd, he was killing it all weekend. It's really good to see some of the Spanish riders coming out.

Usually you're not a contest rider. What made you to come to Rebel Jam?

It's Rebel Jam! Cause usually when you go to a contest like Simple Session or something like that it's like everything is kind of mixed into one so with this it was more like there was a street aspect and there's a park aspect. It was cool to have something designed specifically for us.

And what are your plans for the rest of the weekend?

I'm just gonna hang out with everyone, party, just enjoy the sunshine before I have to fly home!

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