What's up with the Godzieks? Chilling at home

The boys are in Poland enjoying home comforts and some domestic competition
By Rajiv Desai

We catch up with the Godzieks as they return to their native Poland where Szymon is taking part in the International Polish Cup in Milanowek.

The boys have been travelling all over Europe in the summer to take part in various competitions and contests so it is great that they can meet, share stories and spend time together before the off-season starts.

Unfortunately the Dirt Jump part of the International Polish Cup was cancelled due to the weather when Dawid was with his brother so two weeks later Szymon returns to take part in the competition but this time Dawid isn't around to cheer his brother on.

Szymon manages to win the dirt competition so all is good. But now it is time for him to rest and let some of his injuries heal.

He’ll return home to his house in Bielsko to spend time on building some new tracks and obstacles at the Godziek homestead.

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