Wildhaber on the Buffalo Soldiers trail: making of

The Swiss mountain biker launches a new film project that aims to explore the roots of his sport

© Christophe Margot
Making of René Wildhaber's Buffalo Soldiers
René Wildhaber being filmed for Buffalo Soldiers© Nicolas Jutzi

The Buffalo Soldiers video series is due to come out early next year but René has already put together some "making of" videos and an image gallery on the project's website - www.buffalo-soldiers.ch. René is also blogging about the project at that website.

We feature some exclusive images in this article and will also show the video series of René's Buffalo Soldiers when it is completed.

While out in the States, René also took time to tackle the classic “Whole Enchilada” trail in Colorado though thankfully on a modern mountain bike. The trail has a vertical height of over 2,000 meters and is known to have very high technical difficulty.