Danny MacAskill rides the boards

Danny MacAskill takes to the velodrome and gets some expert tuition from track champ Sir Chris Hoy
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By Rajiv Desai

As we know Danny MacAskill is a legend in his sport of trials riding with his videos being watched by millions of people but even Danny was in awe of Sir Chris Hoy, track cyclist and one of Great Britain's most successful Olympians, when the two recently met at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow, Scotland.

The two Scots came together for the first time to create a one-off film (watch the whole film in the video player above) to help promote the countdown to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. These sporting games include all countries that have during their history been governed by Great Britain.

The film, 'Cycling is Our Sport', showcases both Danny’s and Sir Chris Hoy’s respective talents. Danny even has a go on the velodrome track on a track bike. Unfortunately, Sir Chris Hoy didn’t quite have the skills to do a bit of trials riding.

Danny was absolutely thrilled to meet and ride with Sir Chris Hoy in the Velodrome.

"It was sensational for me to be out and about riding the new obstacles outside the velodrome and to do it in front of Sir Chris was awesome. Sir Chris is just a legend and having the opportunity to work with him was quite a surreal experience, and to be honest one I'll never forget.

"I’ve never ridden a velodrome before and it was just incredible, I feel very lucky. All the time when I’m following Sir Chris around the track I’m just thinking to myself ‘How have I ended up here?! This is incredible - just amazing!”

Sir Chris Hoy, a six-time Olympic champion, was equally impressed with Danny’s stunt skills.

"Having the opportunity to film with Danny was brilliant. It was amazing to watch him negotiate the bollards, walls and handrails on his bike. He's incredible and he’s got so much skill. He can turn a fairly mundane object on the street into something interesting and it’s not just the skill it’s the bravery of what he can do.”

Danny MacAskill
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