Man vs. Bike: Thomas Oehler goes all in

Thomas Oehler threw down the gauntlet on national TV and challenged hurdler Georg Fleischhauer
By Amah-Rose Abrams
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You Bet!
Thomas Oehler leaning on a hurdles with his bike by his side in Innsbruck, Austria
You Bet! Austrian trialbiker Thomas Oehler decided to place a bet on German show 'Wetten, dass' or 'You Bet' that he could beat hurdler Georg Fleischhauer in the 400m hurdles. On his bike. © Bull Content Pool
Harder than it looks...
Thomas Oehler trace photo over a hurdle
Harder than it looks... Oehler had to keep up with multiple champion Fleischhauer whilst lifting himself and his bike over the hurdles © Bull Content Pool
Getting it right
Thomas Oehler in mid air over a hurdle in Innsbruck, Austria
Getting it right Oehler had to find the right distance at high speed and time his jumps correctly or it would all be over very quickly. © Bull Content Pool
Neck and neck
Thomas Oehler and Georg Fleischhauer racing on the track in Innsbruck, Austria
Neck and neck Both men wanted to win but who would come out on top? © Bull Content Pool
Time for truth
Thomas Oehler in competition with hurdler in mid air over the hurdles
Time for truth The race was not only a matter of pride but a biking first for Austria's top trialbiker Thomas Oehler. © Bull Content Pool
Thomas Oehler and runner race on the track in Innsbruck, Austria
Cheered on by around 400 spectators Oehler was slow to start © Bull Content Pool
Time to test the mettle
Oehler and hurdler in mid air head on over the hurdles in Innsbruck, Austria
Time to test the mettle But in the end the man and machine triumphed and Thomas Oehler beat Fleischhauer and matched the German men's record of 49.33 sec. Well done Thomas! © Bull Content Pool
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