Four by Three: Gee Atherton's crash

More amazing footage of Gee's epic crash at Red Bull Rampage
By Rajiv Desai

In the latest Four by Three film, we follow Gee Atherton to Red Bull Rampage, where Gee hopes to replicate previous good finishes, but despite the best preparation, things can always still go wrong.

Gee and his team are for the first time creating a unique line out on the Rampage course which Gee hopes will impress the judges.

Nothing is ever easy at Rampage though given the treacherous nature of the Utah terrain and our latest teaser clip for the Four by Three series shows the moment that Gee comes a cropper off a big step down in the mid-section of the course the day before Rampage finals.

See Gee's reaction and thoughts on the crash by watching the latest film in the Four by Three series at

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