Relive the hunt

This amazing aerial clip of Red Bull Foxhunt 2012 follows Gee Atherton as he races through the pack
By Amah-Rose Abrams

See Red Bull Foxhunt as it happened in this clip with aerial footage and commentary from Gee Atherton.

Red Bull Foxhunt took place for the second year in a row at Cave Hill Country Club in Belfast last weekend as Gee Atherton yet again chased down the pack to try and take first place.

The concept is a traditional foxhunt turned on its head with the fox Gee chasing down the pack of riders who are given a head start with the aim of passing as many of them as possible.

As Gee himself says, “It’s gonna to have to be attack the whole way down.”

Watch the ticker as Gee Atherton passes rider after rider on his way to the front while some competitors just bite the dust as he roars past.

The winner this time was Dublin rider Greg Callaghan who managed to just hold off the world champion.

This time Gee bettered last year’s sixth place with a respectable second but has declared that he will be back next year to take first.

Gee Atherton
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