White Style: Winner's interviews Alekhin & Tell

We catch up with the top two from the best trick contest at the White Style 2013
Pavel Alekhin holding his winners cheque at White Style 2013
Pavel Alekhin © Bartek Wolinski 2013
By Ryszard Syryczyński

The weather caused havoc at this year's White Style and although the riders managed a best trick contest it will not be counted as part of the FMB World Tour.

So the best trick contest which took place was won by Russian Pavel Alekhin, Norwegian Adrian Tell came in second and British rider and last year's winner Sam Reynolds took third place.

Ryszard Syryczyński managed to grab Pavel and Adrian to find out more. He gets Pavel's thoughts on the contest first.

Here we are, straight after White Style, which turned out to be a best-trick contest. Some would say that you were hoping for such scenario?

No, I was only dreaming about it. As for me, riding only one jump is just fun, nothing serious. You're doing whatever you want. You don't have to think, what's going on on the landing. But I was pretty much ready to show some tricks on the whole course. I just wasn't ready  that I need a brake here for sure. The course is really hard to ride and it is almost impossible to ride without a brake because you need to slow down for every jump.

You did backflip barspin to tailwhip and backflip double tailwhip during the contest. Were you thinking about some other crazy tricks?

Actually I was thinking about backflip triple tailwhip but I wasn't sure if that would have been the most comfortable jump for me, it was too fast and too mellow. I hope that backflip double tailwhip was good enough.

You did amazingly well but have you enjoyed other riders' tricks as well?

Yeah, that was so sick! I was so stoked on the guys, who were choosing the biggest jump and they pedaled so hard. Some of the riders did 360 or double tailwhip over the 15 meters long jump! And Adrian tried cashroll. Cashroll! On a mountain bike! And on a jump like that… I can't do that even into a foam-pit. At a contest like this one, I'm really impressed by the control and skills, which a lot of riders have.

And what about your short-term plans? What are you going to do tomorrow?

I'm flying to Barcelona for a, kind of, freestyle life. I will stay there till the end of my money. I don't have tickets back home so we'll just chill with Matt MacDuff from Canada. I really like Barcelona, I would love to stay there for a year. That's going to be sick!

Adrian Tell with his second place cheque
Adrian Tell © Bartek Wolinski 2013

Adrian Tell

You've placed second at the best-trick contest at the White Style 2013. Which trick did you pull?

I did a frontlip no-hander and it felt really good. You don't have to pop at all on these big jumps. The rotation was so slow, it worked out perfect. Earlier the landing was very soft so I was scared that my front wheel was going thru the snow. But now it's more icy so it was perfect!

What about your second trick, which you've almost pulled, a cashroll?

I pulled it once at the end of July. We went to the north of Norway in August, built some sick jumps for a movie we were making. During one day of filming near the end, I think I pulled 5 or 6 cashrolls in a row. That was the day! But since then I've crashed almost every time.

How did you like the event?

It was fun! I was excited to come here and ride on snow and see how it would work out. I was a bit scared because the jumps are so big and you go so fast down the slope. But all together it was a very fun contest. It sucks a bit with the weather and changes all the time but all in all it's good. I like it.

What are your plans for the upcoming season 2013? Do you plan to attend more FMB events?

I'll try to follow the FMB World Tour and go to as many events I have the time to and money. I want to ride as much as possible.

What are your plans for the rest of the day?

I think I'll go to the hotel and chill and then maybe go the party and see how my hip is working, after the crash.


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