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Ryszard Syryczyński reports from an eventful White Style 2013 with bad weather, injury & great MTB.
Pavel Alekihn mid trick at White Style 2013
Russian Style © Bartek Wolinski
By Ryszard Syryczyński

White Style 2013 didn’t quite run to plan but a great competition and some awesome riding still took place at the best trick contest that was held instead.

Thursday, the first day of the event was meant for training but because of the temperature being too high, all riding was cancelled.

Everyone was hoping for better weather on Friday, but unfortunately, it was even worse. The temperature was still above zero and it was raining from the early morning till the very end of the event, with occasional breaks. Some of the riders even started calling the contest “Wet Style” as the day wore on.

Unfortunately, during the short practice that did happen, Martin Söderström over-jumped a step-down and hit the ground really hard. He suffered mild concussion and had to spend the night in the hospital.

Qualification was then cancelled. Most of the riders then went off to  chill and partake in other activities such as trying to ride downhill on snow scooters. This was the first thing to put a smile on the guys' faces that day.

Martin Söderström mid trick at White Style 2013
Martin Söderström © Bartek Wolinski

Finals were set to start at 8pm and despite the weather a lot of people showed up to watch. Some of the riders had already done their first run, but after half an hour, a really thick fog rolled in, making the course too dark and dangerous to ride. So the organizers came up with the idea of doing just a best trick contest at the last jump, at the bottom end of the course. It was basically a very big landing with two different snow kickers, making two different jumps to choose from, 10 meters and 14 meters. All the riders were already very tired and exhausted after the whole day spent at the Leogang's slope in cold and rain, but that didn't stop them from putting an amazing best-trick show for the crowd and the prize purse of 5000€. Thomas Genon, after spending two days on the snow and in the rain, was a bit sick so backed out to conserve his health.

Thomas Genon at White Style 2013
Thomas Genon © Bartek Wolinski

Anton Thelander, from Sweden, got himself 5th place and some money to use at the after-party with 360 flatspin. Another Swedish rider, Teo Gustavson placed 4th for double-tailwhip from the bigger, 14m long jump. Third place went to the last year's White Style winner from UK, Sam Reynolds for his amazing nofoot-cancan-nohand. But the top two guys have set the bar really high. Adrian Tell did a very high frontflip nohand, but what really made the crowd excited was a cashroll, which he unfortunately over-rotated and this resulted in a small paramedics' intervention but he was able to step on the podium to collect his prize.

Szymon Godzeik at White Style 2013
Szymon Godziek © Bartek Wolinski

From the very beginning everyone was saying that there's just one candidate to win and Pavel Alekhin finally got the chance to shine during the best tricks contest. He did some amazing tricks like backflip barspin to tailwhip and backflip double tailwhip. It was such a relief, that despite such a bad weather, it was possible to hold the contest, award the prizes and then, finally, everyone could finally chill and let loose at the after-party.

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