Out in the wild: Buffalo Soldiers

Red Bull Buffalo Soldiers launches on March 5 on Red Bull Bike. See the best making of shots here.
By Amah-Rose Abrams
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Preparing for the road
Rene Wildhaber studies the history of the trails he is following while making the Red Bull series Buffalo Soldiers
Preparing for the road René Wildhaber set out to find the trails used by a US Army unit called the Buffalo Soldiers at the end of the 19th Century © Christophe Margot
Getting into character
René Wildhaber and Ross Schnell in old army uniform filming Buffalo Soldiers
Getting into character René Wildhaber and Ross Schnell donned traditional US Army uniforms and rode 100 year old bikes for parts of the trip and while filming. René had knowledge of the ordinance bike from his time in the service but this was another challenge altogether. © Christophe Margot
Pushing endurance to the limit
One of the old fashioned bikes and US Army uniformed riders from the making of Buffalo Soldiers
Pushing endurance to the limit René and Ross got a real taste of original mountain biking when they rode distances on the US Army bike the Buffalo Soldiers has ridden back in the 19th Century. As René says, "I got totally shaken up, it was incredible. Now I know why they had to come up with suspension for bikes eventually!" © Christpohe Margot
Stunning Scenery
René Wildhaber and Ross Schnell in the beautiful Colorado landscape
Stunning Scenery The landscape on the journey took in rocky passes, beautiful tree covered hills and rugged mountains. © Christophe Margot
Fireside revery
Rene Wildhaber and Ross Schnell and the team sit down for a welll earned dinner during the filming of Buffalo Soldiers
Fireside revery At the end of a long days riding in the wild nothing beats a fireside meal. © Christophe Margot
Back on the road
Rene Wildhaber and Ross Schnell on the road on their US Army issue bikes filming Buffalo Soldiers
Back on the road And in the morning the guys were back on the road
Out in the wilderness
Rene Wildhaber and Ross Schnell on top of a huge hill with their bikes filming Buffalo Soldiers
Out in the wilderness This really was a trip into the wilderness but Rene found that bikers were well catered for, "In Switzerland, we often use hiking trails for biking. In the States, it’s the other way around. Trails are built especially for the bikers." © Christophe Margot
Truly epic MTB
Aerial shot of Rene Wildhaber and Ross Schnell ascending a mountain
Truly epic MTB Still going as the sun goes down, the guys in Grand Junction, Colorado © Christophe Margot
Horse country
The Red Bull Buffalo Soldiers crew riding horses in Colorado, USA
Horse country The crew got down to some horse riding, being in one of the few places where the cowboys still roam it would have been rude not to. The full series of Red Bull Buffalo Soldiers hits Red Bull Bike on March 5. © Christophe Margot
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