Buffalo Soldiers: Embarking on a journey

René Wildhaber and Ross Schnell explain the origin of this project in exploring the roots of MTB.
By Amah-Rose Abrams

The wait is over and the full series of Buffalo Soldiers is here! Watch, as René Wildhaber joins Ross Schnell, in fulfilling a long-time ambition to trace the trails of the original mountain bikers, the Buffalo Soldiers.

René explains the roots of the project as he recounts moments in his uncle’s house in the Swiss mountains as he read about the original mountain bikers.

Since that time René has wanted to trace the trails of these soldiers who first explored off road riding as part of a US army training exercise.

As he puts it himself, “I grabbed some shoes, clothes and an old Swiss mountain bike which was developed over 100 years ago in 1903.” And off he went.

This is the first episode in the series and a great teaser of what’s to come as we follow René and Ross through the mountains of Colorado, USA.

René Wildhaber
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