Simple Session 2013: Anthony Perrin interview

Anthony Perrin talks about his first time in Tallinn and riding at home in Lyon.
Anthony Perrin sits on his bike at Simple Session 2013.
Anthony Perrin at Simpel Session 2013 © Bartek Wolinski
By Ryszard Syryczyński

Hi Anthony! Please introduce yourself and tell who are you riding for right now? You've got some new sponsors.

Hi! I'm Anthony Perrin, I'm 18 years old, from Lyon in France. I'm riding for 6 years. Right now I'm riding for Federal Bikes, Eclat, Red Bull, Vans and BMX Avenue.

Is it your first time here in Tallinn?

Yeah, it's my first time in Estonia. I really like the Simple Session. Skatepark is fun, there's a lot of amazing riders, everyone killing it. It's so cool to be here. The street part is good, I like the rails.

What are the riders that you look up to?

Of course a lot of guys! All the Federal riders, like Bruno (Hoffmann), Matty Long, Stevie Churchill, everyone from the team and my friends.

What's the BMX scene in Lyon? Who are you riding with?

The scene in Lyon is pretty good. We've got an indoor place so it's cool for the winter or when it's raining. There's a lot of guys, who ride. And we've got a lot of street spots so when it's sunny, we just cruise the city and have fun. Usually when I'm home, I ride with my friends at the local skatepark, sometime with Maxime Chaveron and Matthias (Dandois), he's always trying some new things.

Do you rather prefer going for a trip, like this one to Tallinn, for the contests or just riding and filming locally with your friends?

I enjoy both but I think, that I prefer to go on a trip, to film with my friends and visit some new places. But of course, I enjoy contests too.

What are your plans for the 2013? Any new projects or trips?

Yes, I'm going to Canada next week, to Toronto for some Red Bull project at the Joyride skatepark and then to the Italy, with Simone (Barraco) and maybe with Bruno too, for a Red Bull trip. And then probably Vans trip but I'm not sure yet.

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