Gallery: Into the Dirt of Mt Etna

We sent Team InFocus to ride one of the world's most infamous active volcanoes.
By Ric McLaughlin
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Mountain of dust
Mountain of dust Andi Tillman tackling the lunar-like slopes of Etna. © Toby Cowley

Even as the guys were getting set up to ride Mt Etna, it was puffing out plooms of volcanic ash and dust. This was going to be a challenge like no other... 

Mogul run
Mogul run The strange mogul-like rocks of the slopes of Etna made for perfect kickers. © Toby Cowley
Drift club
Drift club Keeping both wheels pointing in the same direction on Etna can be tricky but that was half the fun. © Toby Cowley
Flat matters
Flat matters When it comes to tabletops, the InFocus boys like to keep things beyond flat. © Toby Cowley
Need for speed
Need for speed The steep ridgelines of Etna offered the chance for some big mountain bombing. © Toby Cowley
Lower slopes
Lower slopes The lower slopes and surrounding area around Etna offer up some incredible formations and lines. © Toby Cowley
Grass tracking
Grass tracking After the baron, ash-strewn slopes of the summit, the grassy meadows offer up plenty of scope for even more speed.
Speed squash
Speed squash Keeping it fast and low through the leaf-less woods. © Toby Cowley
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