Photo Blast: Mt St Anne World Cup DH finals

Sven Martin's nuggets of photographic gold from one of the most memorable races in a long time.
By Ric McLaughlin
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Gondola to glory
Gondola to glory All aboard! Stevie Smith is a sponsors dream - chilled out, articulate, mustachioed and now a double World Cup winner. It's great to see one of the 'new' generation finally push through and make good on his obvious promise. © Sven Martin/Red Bull Content Pool

Sometimes, just as things are beginning to look all too predictable, the great pressure cooker that is the UCI DH World Cup produces a whole weekend's worth of surprises.

Few would describe Stevie Smith collecting another win on the big stage as a 'surprise' admittedly, but with a stoney faced Gee Atherton sitting in the hot seat with the rain falling down not many would've bet it would have been on Sunday...

Domination dashed
Domination dashed Fastest again in quali but two crashes in her race run left Rachel Atherton down in 12th, 35 seconds behind the winning time. © Sven Martin/Red Bull Content Pool
Ragging it
Ragging it Ragot took the win in the women's race and continued to keep the French flag flying high at the sharp end of the ladies class in the process. © Sven Martin/Red Bull Content Pool
Fourth at the fifth
Fourth at the fifth Mr. Consistency seems to be playing a bit of consolidation as far as 2013 is concerned. Minnaar is still the fastest Syndicate rider but hasn't been able to cope with the rolling form of old rival Atherton this year. Now an ebullient Smith and resurgent Hill are also taking places from him. © Sven Martin/Red Bull Content Pool
Aaron Gwin - misty and muted.
Aaron Gwin - misty and muted. What a result fifth place would've felt like for Aaron Gwin just three short years ago. The US National Champs win was supposed to have rekindled the swagger but although on the box, Specialized may still be scratching their heads. © Sven Martin/Red Bull Content Pool
Storm looming
Storm looming Sam Hill took a popular third place for CRC/Nukeproof and continued to look a more relaxed figure in their white and blue. What a difference an in-form Hill could make to the overall... Something may just be on the horizon. © Sven Martin/Red Bull Content Pool
Dawg days
Dawg days Brendan Fairclough came home a highly respectable 7th for Gstaadt-Scott and proved that there's life in the Dawg yet. But would we still back him to take a World Cup win this season? His opportunities are diminishing. © Sven Martin/Red Bull Content Pool
The bigger picture
The bigger picture The shake of the head as Smith crossed the line hinted that perhaps Gee had started to think about the possibility of a whitewashing away Thirion's win at the last round. Second place however is a lot of points even if the challenge for the overall may now be coming from Canada... © Sven Martin/Red Bull Content Pool
Changing of the guard
Changing of the guard Smith on the top step, Hill in third and a grinning Gwin back on the box albeit in fifth. Minnaar and Atherton remain ever-presents but neither were quite where they wanted to be come the celebrations. © Sven Martin/Red Bull Content Pool
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