Course Preview: Claudio Caluori rides Hafjell

Talky camera carnage from Gstaad Scott.
By Ric McLaughlin

The man with the GoPro's strapped all over his body this season has been Gstaad Scott's, Claudio Caluori. His ability to go at insane speeds whilst chatting calmly about the amount of danger he is apparently in is remarkable and has provided a great insight into some of the world's toughest tracks.  

He decided to take friend and fellow Scott rider, Andi Tillman, along for the ride and, well... Things didn't work out too smoothly. 

We hasten to add that Andi was fine after the crash and wasn't phased by Claudio continuing on. He's off to hospital as a precaution as we type and we all hope he's ok.

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