Photo Blast: Stevie's Leogang

Paris Gore's exclusive weekend shots of your new World Cup Champion.
By Paris Gore

With only a small number of points separating Stevie Smith and Gee Atherton, the final World Cup in Leogang, Austria came down to an intense weekend of racing. Every point would count, even the qualifications would go towards the difference between winning or losing the season overall.

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Stevie Smith
Stevie Smith Stevie Smith rides up the lift to check out this years course. He as done well here in the last two years; pulling 3rd place at Worlds in 2012 and 4th in 2011 during the World Cup. © Paris Gore/Red Bull Content Pool
Early morning track walk
An early morning track walk before the UCI MTB World Cup in Leogang, Austria
Early morning track walk Checking out new lines with the Devinci Global Racing team. The course here hasn’t changed much as the years have gone by. Yet every season there is always a new line to scrape off the milliseconds. © Paris Gore/Red Bull Content Pool
Team talk
Team talk Stevie and his teammate Nick Beer compare notes from their walk down the course. © Paris Gore/Red Bull Content Pool
Bike choices
Bike choices Stevie’s mechanic Nigel Reeve sets up a prototype 650B race bike for Smith to try. He ran this bike at World Champs in South Africa and decided to give it a go here in Leogang. After a run on the frame it was decided that Stevie stays comfortable on his Devinci Wilson that he is most familiar with. © Paris Gore/Red Bull Content Pool
Turbo charged
Turbo charged Warming up the muscles in the morning before practice. © Paris Gore/Red Bull Content Pool
Man of the year
Man of the year Fastest in qualifying, Stevie jumps into the points lead as first overall. What a season for the 23 year old from Nanaimo, BC. With his first World Cup win just last year, Stevie is on his way to dominating the World Cup circuit for years to come. © Paris Gore/Red Bull Content Pool
Into the void
Into the void Sunday morning brings a low early morning fog, soon to turn into blue skies. The track has seen snow, mud, rain in the last week here in Leogang and will now be drying up for finals. © Paris Gore/Red Bull Content Pool
First split
First split Dropping in on the top of the course. Just over one second up on Mik Hannah at the first split, continuing to stay on the game the entire way down.
Up and flying
Up and flying The proclaimed 'Moustache Massacre' destroying everything in his path, including split times. © Paris Gore/Red Bull Content Pool
Rocks 'n' Roll
Rocks 'n' Roll All line choice in the rocks. Keeping smooth through the manmade rock garden. © Paris Gore/Red Bull Content Pool
2013's finish line
2013's finish line Last man down under full pressure, Stevie come down the line nearly 2.8 seconds ahead of Gee Atherton and the crowd goes ballistic. © Paris Gore/Red Bull Content Pool
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