"How was 2013? Difficult. So difficult..."

The first part of our Marc Beaumont interview.
Marc Beaumont, Leogang © Sven Martin/Red Bull Content Pool
By Ric McLaughlin

Marc is one of the most established riders on the UCI DH World Cup circuit and has two career wins to his name. This year has been tough however and Beaumont is quick to point out than he can learn from even the most difficult of times.

2013 - how has that been?

Difficult. So difficult. I thought I was coming in having had a decent year in 2012. My pace was good and I thought I could continue on. Fort William has always been a big, big thing of mine and after qualifying fastest there in 2012 and not getting anything with the weather and crashing out I thought that I could make that a big aim of mine for this year. But it started terribly and I crashed in qualifying on a good run. My confidence for the final wasn’t quite there. I was too steady and safe and ended up 11th.

It must be frustrating to go somewhere that you know you’ve got the pace and not come away with a result?

Yeah, that’s the hardest part of this sport - confidence. It’s all in your head. There are so many people here who are good enough to win a race on any one day.

If we came here (Leogang) and chucked some timing up and had a bash at it all day long I bet the result would be very different compared with knowing that you had to race at 10 past three. That’s the difference.

The actual philosopy of the sport is very simple but the pressures that build into that one final run, that’s the beauty of it.
My year just didn’t get a result to build into and that’s the theme of what’s been going on. Then at Crankworx L2A, I separated my AC joint and that was another kick in the balls then I had to build again.

That’s a decent injury too, an AC joint, isn’t it?

It’s a really frustrating one. I did that two weeks before Vallnord and so had to go there knowing I had to come up with a ride to get on the GB Worlds team - that’s no easy task when you’re fit, never mind unfit. I went there and it was a long, steep, rough track. Everything I didn’t need! I actually ended up fifteenth and made it on to the team for South Africa so at least I got a little bit of something out of that.

How was South Africa?

Awful (laughs). I think I overtrained on the way into it.

You’d back yourself on that style of track though, wouldn’t you?

Yeah - I thought I could hold my own. I know I’m not the strongest person as far as power output goes but I would like to think that... I don’t know, my legs felt terrible all week and I just couldn’t get rid of it. It was pretty disappointing.

Worlds in Hafjell next year, do you get on with that track?

Last year I didn’t really like it. Then this year I was into it a bit more and enjoyed it, it was good. It was so, so slick. It has a bit of everything really and that’s what is quite good about it.

It has big jumps and high speed sections and rocks in the middle. It has a bit of everything which is nice. A lot of the tracks that we go to are definitely this or definitely that.

What’s your favourite World Cup track?

This year I’d say my favourite one was probably Andorra, although it was a difficult one for me. I think that was my favourite one. Val Di Sole is obviously really good too, it’s a special track for me. I’ll always hold that quite highly. Andorra had something though with a good mixture, the steep stuff into the finish then quite a tight finish area so it felt like there were lots of people there.

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