Preparing for Red Bull Rampage: Wil White

The mountain biker who rides only one contest a year -- see how Wil White takes on Red Bull Rampage.
By Scott Hart

The majority of the riders who challenge the massive terrain at Red Bull Rampage are FMB Tour regulars, traveling the world competing on their bikes. Wil White does not fit in this category.

An anomaly within the freeride scene, the 19-year-old is far removed from the pro circuit. His disinterest in slopestyle keeps his schedule open throughout the season -- until Rampage. In fact, this will be the only contest he'll ride in 2013.

Wil competed in his first Rampage at the age of 16. This will be the third major contest (and third Rampage) for the rider from San Diego. But his hometown's lack of terrain to properly practice for the event has always made his training a very curious subject...

How does he prepare? Where does he ride? What does he ride?

With the 2013 event approaching, we check in with him at home to see how he gets ready for his one big show of the year.

See Wil and the rest of the competitors assault the Red Bull Rampage venue during the live webcast of finals on October 13, 2013, starting at 1:00 p.m. MT on the official Red Bull Rampage site.

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