Red Bull Rampage 2013: Chubey Lands Gee's Gap

It's one of the gnarliest gaps on the course, and Mitch Chubey just wouldn't take no for an answer.
By Kevin McAvoy

At Red Bull Rampage 2012, Gee Atherton and his dig crew put a lot of work into building out a landing for a long gap drop that required precision aim. Unfortunately, when Gee made his first attempt, he drifted into the craggy wall to the right of the landing and was torn off his bike and pounded into the ground.

When the riders arrived to the 2013 event to start building, Mitch Chubey and Mark Matthews gravitated to Gee's gap, hoping to be the first ones to land it. They widened the landing a bit and cleaned up the run-in, and it eventually became time to give it a go.

Mountain bike rider Mitch Chubey competes in the prelim round of Red Bull Rampage 2013 in Utah
Mitch Chubey fires off the cannon gap © Christian Pondella/Red Bull Content Pool

Atherton had drifted right on his attempt, probably a combination of lateral movement on the take-off and a subconscious desire to not go left of the landing and plummet into the canyon below. Matthews was aware of this and tried to compensate, but he ended up drifting right and hitting the wall on his attempt as well, resulting in a broken femur.

Chubey and his crew did a bit more work on the run-in; despite the fact that the gap had already taken out two riders, there was no question he was going for it. He came down at the bottom right of the landing and crashed in his first run in the qualifying round; again, there was no doubt: he was going for it in run two as well.

He nailed it and cleaned the rest of the run, finishing in fourth and transferring safely to Sunday's final. Can he do it again? Find out in the interactive webcast of the final starting at 1:00 p.m. MT on the official Red Bull Rampage site.

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