5 Fastest Runs at Red Bull Rampage 2013

Rampage is not a race, but speed is a major factor in the fluidity and style of each rider’s run.
Mountain biker Nico Vink during his second run at Red Bull Rampage 2013
Nico Vink slays Red Bull Rampage 2013 © Ian Hylands/Red Bull Content Pool
By Mike Berard

Repeat: Rampage is not a race. However -- meandering, going too slow and/or stopping are cardinal sins. No rider can pussyfoot down this mountain; the terrain simply doesn't allow for it.

While we don’t have official times for each rider (remember: not a race), we were able to crunch some numbers to determine the five fastest riders at Rampage.

The top four fastest riders were all within four seconds of each other -- and all in the top five results overall -- proving how important speed is to the total package.

Note: Because different lines traverse different fall lines down the mountain, and few riders sprinted to the finish corral, we’ve timed each run from the first significant movement forward to the moment they roll in to the flats. All times are approximate.

1. Andreu Lacondeguy: 55 seconds

The balls-out biker from Barcelona shows that he’s more than massive supermans, double backflips and moto-inspired whips. Andreu Lacondeguy not only pinned it from top to bottom, but he tricked everything in his path on his way to an earth-rumbling fourth place finish.

2. Kyle Strait: 56 seconds

Kyle “Straight Down” Strait took an almost direct fall line to the Oakley Icon Sender, dropped massive vertical off the biggest drop, and then rocketed to the long jump at the bottom. He may be the only rider who actually came barreling through all the way to the finish. That’s World Cup experience, kids.

3. Tyler McCaul: 57 seconds

Tyler McCaul traversed a dodgy cliff line that covered more distance than others, but a few massive natural stepdown jumps accelerated him -- vertically and horizontally -- beyond the field and into fifth place.

4. Cam Zink: 58 seconds

While avoiding many features in the name of nailing the biggest backflip drop in the universe, Cam Zink made up time by taking a straight line to and from the Oakley Icon Sender…even if he did get lost finding his way to the finish. His big mountain experience showed clearly in navigating treacherous terrain when faced with, ahem, where the trail ends… Pure freeride.

5. Nico Vink: 1 minute, 1 second (1:01)

Even though Nico Vink washed out and slipped a pedal above the Oakley Sender and ended up in 16th place, he crushed it on the speedometer. Fast, fluid and stylish, Vink only needed to step up the consequence to transform his velocity into a better result overall.

Honorable Mentions:

6. Graham Aggasiz: 1 minute, 1 second (1:01)

Aggy crashed at the very end of his run but had he stuck that last wall transfer he would have made good on his first-place qualifying result from the day before. An exposed line, dumped 360, and a big ol’ backflip step-down would have easily added up to a podium finish if he could have held on, especially at the speed he was traveling.

7. Pierre-Edouard Ferry: 1 minute, 12 seconds (1:12)

The Frenchman came fueled on good times and insider knowledge, and used it to his advantage. Flips, spins, gaps and a great line choice all led to a sixth-place finish for the fast Ferry.

Other Complete Runs (Run 1):

8. Brendan Fairclough 1:20
9. Garett Beuhler: 1:20
10. Thomas Genon: 1:20
11. Cam McCaul: 1:21
12. Wil White: 1:23
13. Ramon Hunziker: 1:25
14. Mike Montgomery: 1:25
15. Kelly McGarry: 1:34
16. Geoff Gulevich: 1:38

Check out the official Red Bull Rampage site for more videos, photos, and a host of awesome interactive features.

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