Watch Second Runs from Red Bull Rampage 2013 Final

Due to weather, not all competitors were able to take their second runs. See the ones who did here.
By Kevin McAvoy

With some amazing first runs in the bag in the Red Bull Rampage 2013 final, the riders were poised to step up their game for run two, with more style and bigger tricks planned. Unfortunately, as the day progressed the wind kicked up and the conditions became unsafe for the riders.

As a result, the event was called off early, and it was announced that the standings after the first round of runs would serve as the final results. For a few of the riders who had been able to not only take their second runs but improve on their first-run scores, it was a dissappointing end to the day, but desert weather is unpredictable, and ultimately, the riders made the call to ensure their safety.

Leading up to the Red Bull Signature Series broadcast of Red Bull Rampage on NBC on Saturday, December 21 at 3:30 p.m. ET (in the USA), we've assembled all of the second runs that were taken in the finals right here for you. Start with Tyler McCaul above in the order the runs were taken, and for more awesome interactive features, visit the official Red Bull Rampage site.

Mike Montgomery

Wil White

Brendan Fairclough

Nico Vink

Brendan Howey

Graham Agassiz

James Doerfling

Geoff Gulevich

Logan Binggeli

Remember to catch the full recap in the Red Bull Signature Series broadcast on December 21, and check out the rest of our coverage on the official Red Bull Rampage site.

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