Red Bull Rampage 2013: James Doerfling POV Footage

Making it down the mountain is a lot harder than it looks; one wrong move and your run is over.
By Kevin McAvoy

We've all seen plenty of amazing footage from Red Bull Rampage over the years, and when you have the best riders in the world laying down runs, they have a tendency to make it look easy. It isn't.

The smallest mistakes and your Rampage run can be over.

The competitors are often on a knife's edge, teetering a few degrees between sticking their line and losing their battle with gravity. It's further proof of their skill when we're reminded just how quickly things can go bad, like in the POV video above from James Doerfling's first run in the final.

“When you first drop in at the top of my line," says Doerfling, "it’s super loose and soft. I guess I just made a stupid little mistake and my front wheel washed out.

"The smallest mistakes and your Rampage run can be over," he continued. "You gotta be on it 110%."

James pulled it together in run two, delivering a top-to-bottom run capped with a huge backflip; watch it here. Unfortunately, high winds forced the early end of Red Bull Rampage 2013, and with many of the riders not able to take their second runs, it was decided that the standings after run one would serve as final results.

Watch the full event recap on NBC (in the USA) as part of the Red Bull Signature Series on Saturday, December 21 starting at 3:30 p.m. ET, and check out all the interactive features and coverage on the official Red Bull Rampage site.

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