Rampage 2013: Watch Both of James Doerfling's Runs

See both of Doerfling's runs from the Red Bull Rampage 2013 finals; one went well, but the other...
By Kevin McAvoy

James Doerfling definitely bought a ticket for the Red Bull Rampage rollercoaster in 2013, experiencing many of the highs and lows the Rampage venue is known to dish out. His runs in the final were indicative of that -- he followed a DNF in run one (watch it above) with a super solid trip down the mountain in run two (watch it below). 

Earlier in the week, Doerfling had been the first competitor to sail off the top-most hit of the Oakley Icon Sender, resulting in a spectacular-looking crash.

“It wasn't really that I wanted to guinea the Sender," he points out. "I was just up there and feeling good so I went for it. It’s a pretty straightforward move but I found out it was really tough to get speed the way I was coming into it, so it was a pretty big gamble to hit again in my run.”

After not finishing run one, Doerfling knew that it was all on the line for his second run, and that making it to the bottom was critical. On the fly, he opted to skip the top drop of the Sender and focus on flipping the final kicker.

“I was pretty pumped on the flip!" James says. "I really wanted to tie the big Sender [drop] into my run with the flip, but I went with my gut feeling when I got to it mid-mountain and took my alternate line.

"It's tough thinking about it now because I think it may have been a top-five run if it would have come together. Oh well... There's always next Rampage!”

Check out Doerfling and the rest of his competitors in the full Red Bull Rampage recap on NBC (in the USA) on Saturday, December 21 starting at 3:30 p.m. ET as part of the Red Bull Signature Series.

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