Tyler McCaul's Giant Drop at Red Bull Rampage 2013

TMac walks us through the build-up and first attempt at the massive drop in his Rampage run.
By Derreck Delk

Red Bull Rampage is a challenge on multiple fronts; there's obviously the riding aspect, but there's also the matter of carving your own unique path down the mountain with limited resources and time. Tyler McCaul spotted a dream drop at Rampage 2012, but wisely chose to focus on another section of the course, knowing what he could accomplish within the event window.

Returning in 2013 armed with a talented dig crew, McCaul decided that the drop seemed more realistic and went all-in to get it done. Get his thoughts on what it took to make it happen in the video above, and be sure to tune in to NBC on Saturday, December 21 at 3:30 p.m. ET (in the USA) to watch the event recap, featured on the Red Bull Signature Series.

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