Makin’ It: Staying strong in Cali

Jaden Leeming hits the 65th skatepark in Riverside and Stephen Murray’s Stay Strong compound.
By Rajiv Desai

Jaden Leeming continues his adventures in California with a trip to Riverside, California, to hit the 65th St skate park – an eight foot concrete behemoth which boasts one of the biggest spines in California. Kris Fox is on hand and shows Jaden some local knowledge by pulling in some huge airs and impressive transfers.

Next, Jaden and Kris make their way to the Stay Strong compound, home to legendary BMX dirt jumper and former X Games and Gravity Games gold medallist Stephen Murray.

Stephen, who is now paralysed from his shoulders down following a spinal injury sustained while competing on the Dew Action Sports Tour in 2007, has his own organisation and clothing company, Stay Strong, which helps other action sports athletes who have similar injuries.

Stephen has also built a dirt jump paradise in his back yard, and on this afternoon, Jaden kicks back with Stephen while enjoying a session on the jumps with fellow NZ rider Paul Langlands as well as Anthony Napolitan, Kris Fox and Nick Cooper.

Watch episode one of Makin It here.

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