Tip To Tail – Is this the ultimate NZ road trip?!

Episode one: Watch as Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark and friends load up the campers for an epic BMX adventure.
By Ric McLaughlin

After the success of his Makin' It series, Jaden Leeming was given the opportunity to host a road trip like no other. With a trio of international stars in tow he would be charged with showcasing the very best road trip that his native New Zealand could offer.

Mike 'Hucker' Clark (USA), Kris Fox (USA) and Corey Bohan (AUS) are three of the most influencial riders in the sport and agreed to join Jaden on his 3,200km trip.

So could Jaden and New Zealand live up to the guys' lofty expectations?! Find out in the first part of Tip To Tail above.

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