This is Loïc Bruni’s World Champs-winning bike

Hand-polished to perfection and ridden into the record books. This is Loïc’s Lapierre Worlds rig.
Full on side view of Loïc Bruni's World Champs Lapierre DH Team MTB
The Lapierre DH Team in French national colours © Bartek Woliński
By Faye Brozek

Not all riders are treated to custom World Champs bikes and Lapierre rider Loïc Bruni had been led to believe he would use his World Cup steed for the race on Sunday, September 6.

However, Bruni's mechanic and Lapierre Gravity Republic technical manager, Jack Roure, had a surprise for the 21-year-old Frenchman. Unbeknown to Bruni, Roure had been slaving away for the past few months on a very special bike for the race in Andorra.

Secret project

Don't be fooled into thinking that this is a chrome-effect paint job – "that would add too much weight to the frame," explains Roure. This bike was hand-polished...

The frame came straight from the factory without paint; raw aluminium. I polished it with a machine and with my hands.

- Jack Roure, Loïc Bruni's mechanic

He had been working on the bike in secret, using the precious-little time he had between his mechanic's role at the World Cup races to get the bike ready in time. "I found some time between races, maybe two hours here and two hours there – It took so long," says Roure.

Close up view of the Bruni Sticker on Loïc Bruni's World Champs Lapierre DH Team MTB Frame
No mistaking who's bike this is © Bartek Woliński

Making it shine

Lapierre had made special French-themed graphics that Roure then applied to the frame. This mirror-like effect doesn’t come easily, though, with Roure having to polish the bike every day.

With the practice conditions in Andorra having been far from dry, Roure has his work cut-out in order to keep the bike looking shiny. But he isn't deterred by the hard graft.

After the timed session I think I’m going to remove all the graphics and polish the bike again.

Loïc Bruni finds a way through the mud during practice at the 2015 MTB World Champs in Andorra
Loïc Bruni finds a way through the ruts © Bartek Woliński

Special World Champ parts

Bruni's Lapierre DH Team bike is a custom size, "between L and XL - the Loïc size," says Roure. Along with a custom frame, Bruni was also treated to some one-off parts, with SRAM adding gold jewellery to their top rider’s frames in the form of a chain and cassette.

Back End View of Loïc Bruni's World Champs Lapierre DH Team MTB
SRAM gave Bruni’s bike a gold chain and cassette © Bartek Woliński

The conditions in Andorra haven't been the best for the last few days of practice, with heavy rain greeting the riders most mornings. To protect the rear shock from all the mud, Roure has added some foam to the frame.

View of Loïc Bruni's World Champs Lapierre DH Team MTB Frame
Foam protects the shock from mud © Bartek Woliński

Additional rain-fighting modifications included sandpaper on Bruni's grips and 2mm cuts on the Schwalbe Dirty Dan tyre tread.

Close up View of the Grips and Gears on Loïc Bruni's World Champs Lapierre DH Team MTB
Grips and gears © Bartek Woliński

No details were missed in this World Champs build – grips, bar-ends and even the hoses followed the red, white and blue colour-way. To make sure there was absolutely no confusion as to whose bike this was, Crankbrothers etched Bruni's name into his pedals.

Close up view of the Loïc Bruni's World Champs Lapierre DH Team MTB Frame
Loïc's silver steed in all its magnificence © Bartek Woliński

Not just a custom bike

Bruni had a massive shock when his new bike was revealed to him – watch his reaction when he saw the bike for the first time – to top off his World Champs weekend. He was also surprised with a matching custom helmet from his helmet and goggles sponsor, 100%.

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