At home with Bruno Hoffmann

We visit the German street pro in Frankfurt and find out more about his BMX life in his home city.
By Hadrien Picard

Home is not just somewhere to spend the down time between trips. It's the place where friends and family are; where you session some not-so-good spots, but at the same time ride some of the best sessions of your life. Home is where every rider’s roots are.

For our 'At Home' series, we're visiting riders to see where they come from and how they live. In the first episode, BMX filmaker and photographer Hadrien Picard hits up Bruno Hoffmann in Frankfurt, Germany.

Bruno Hoffmann poses for a portrait in Frankfurt in 2015
Bruno waiting for the rain to stop © Hadrien Picard

Born: Siegen, Germany, March 8, 1993

The first time I met Bruno Hoffmann was in 2008, during an infamous BMX road trip, the Euro Props Megatour. He was only 14 at that time but already spoke much better English than me.

He was a young and really talented all-round young rider; from 720s on the dirt to foot-jams in a homemade skate pool, he could ride pretty much everything. On a personal side, you could tell he had a certain German je ne sais quoi quality about him: well educated and smart, but with a very chilled out approach.

Bruno Hoffmann with a clean over-tooth stall in Frankfurt in 2015
Bruno's clean over-tooth stall at a favourite spot © Hadrien Picard
Bruno Hoffmann with a wall ride to dipped 180 in Frankfurt in 2015
Bruno with a wall ride to dipped 180 © Hadrien Picard

Influential pro

Since then Bruno has become one of the most influential street riders on Earth with a unique style, showing just how far street riding can be pushed on a BMX bike, with the more typical moves like tailwhips and barspins being kept to an absolute minimum.

Bruno Hoffmann and friends pose for a portrait in Frankfurt in 2015
Frankfurt BMX collective, The Ciao Crew © Hadrien Picard
Lunch break for Bruno Hoffmann and crew at flat rail spot in Frankfurt. in 2015
Lunch break for the Ciao Crew at a flat rail spot © Hadrien Picard

Moving to Frankfurt

After graduation, Bruno moved from Siegen, where he grew up, to nearby Frankfurt. It's neither the most famous, nor is it the prettiest city in Germany, but life is good there and the people are nice and respectful, something that fits well with Bruno.

And because it's one of the financial capitals of Europe, the town is full of great street spots with quality marble ledges – the type of banking bonus street riders are happy to earn!

Bruno Hoffmann poses for a portrait late at night in Frankfurt in 2015
Frankfurt late at night © Hadrien Picard
Daniel Kuska with a foot-jam at a skatepark in Frankfurt. in 2015
Foot-jam from Daniel Kuska at a skatepark © Hadrien Picard

Friends make the place

But Bruno didn't come only because of the spots. He came because of his friends, like his room-mate Eddie Baum, his brother Carlo Hoffmann and so many others.

The Ciao Crew, as they are collectively known, is the combination of those friendships, and as Bruno says himself, Frankfurt may not be the biggest scene in Germany but it's certainly one of the tightest.

Benedikt Pfaff pulls an ‘un Luc-e’ in Frankfurt in 2015
A smooth ‘un Luc-e’ from Benedikt Pfaff © Hadrien Picard
Sebastian Anton in Frankfurt in 2015
Sebastian Anton agrees © Hadrien Picard

The Ciao Crew

Everyone riding there has different styles and nobody is a ‘clone’ of anyone else, but believe me – they're all badass riders. The level of riding during an average session is really impressive but at the same time, it’s all really laid back, with everyone smiling and being really supportive of each other.

Munya Zanya nose bumps in Frankfurt in 2015
Munya Zanya nose bumps for the next Ciao Video © Hadrien Picard
Munya Zanya with a over the rail to rail feeble by Munya Zanya in Frankfurt in 2015
Over the rail to rail feeble by Munya Zanya © Hadrien Picard

A product of his environment

After visiting with him for just a week it was easy to see how, like with many of us, his environment has made – and continues to make – him what he is now. When I look at Bruno and the Ciao crew, I see creative friends who are having fun and doing things together, and I think it's a pretty much a perfect representation of BMX.

Bruno Hoffmann
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