Ride on board with Drew Bezanson at Uncontainable

Watch POV footage from one of the biggest ramps ever assembled and go inside the build process.
By Ric McLaughlin

Over the years, Drew Bezanson’s riding has pushed him to heights and tricks which no one had previously considered possible on a BMX bike. With his Uncontainable project however, he wanted to feel something different, he wanted to feel fear.

Watch the video above for a whole new perspective on one of BMX’s most ambitious ramp builds.

Using a smattering of shipping containers, some cranes and a lot of plywood, Drew and his team built one of the biggest ever ramp set-ups to find out just what he was truly capable of. But when even Drew began to shake his head at the ridiculousness of a 40ft (12m), mid-air curved wallride, many began to worry that things had perhaps gone too far...

Just some of the numbers that went into BMXer Drew Bezanson's Red Bull Uncontainable, Truro, Nova Scotia
Just some of the numbers, Red Bull Uncontainable © Scott Serfas/Red Bull Content Pool
Drew Bezanson
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