See what it’s like to ride ramps made out of salt

Join Daniel Dhers as he takes on the world’s first BMX salt park 3,600m above sea level.
By Rajiv Desai

South American BMX legend Daniel Dhers has ridden some unusual ramp spots in his career, but none more so than his latest location in Bolivia.

The Venezuelan took to high altitude of Uyuni in Bolivia to build and ride the world’s first BMX salt park – 3,600m above sea level.

See what happened next in the video above and scroll down to find out how the team made the ramps.

Salt bricks provided the structure of the ramps. A secret mix was created to smooth the transition area of the ramps to allow Daniel to ride it.

I would make a line in the Salt Park and would stop for five minutes to catch my breath again. Plus it was really hot during the day and when the sun was covered by a cloud I was freezing

Daniel Dhers

Behind the scenes

The ramps were designed by renowned BMX ramp builder John Saxton, of Skidmark Parks, and built with the assistance of locals from the nearest town of Colchani.

The salt flats, which are known universally as Dalí’s desert because of their surrealistic views, stand 3,600m above sea level. At this altitude the low atmospheric pressure produces an oxygen shortage in the blood, adding to the challenge that Dhers faced.

This is the roughest project I’ve done in my life, it’s a beautiful scenery but riding at this height is crazy.

Daniel Dhers


Daniel Dhers’ sits on a ramp while the sunsets at Salt Park
Sunset at the Salt Park © Camilo Rozo
Daniel Dhers
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